Christmas fund raiser: School uniforms for January 2017

9 Dec

Like last year, we would like to help The Fountain of Love get ready for the 2017 school year. It would be the 3rd year running to get the kids their school uniforms and other school necessities, in time for the new year.

And the kids have done their part! They have a pass rate of 100 per cent, they won the ‘ever clean’ award, and wear their uniforms with such pride.

And the Fountain of Love took in 8 new abandoned children in 2016. There are now 50 kids living at the Fountain of Love, 33 of whom will be in primary or high school next year. They will be assisted by Ntombi, providing after care, and helping with their home work.

In total, we need an amount of  EUR 2 677 to give the 33 children their summer and winter uniforms (EUR 48,91 per child), a new school bag (EUR 16,45 per child), and pay for the school contribution (EUR 15,76 per child). The first 20% is in already, covering the first 7 children!

How wonderful would it be if we could make it happen again!


2016 off to a good start!

18 Jan

A heartfelt thank you to our kind and generous donors. Thanks to your Christmas contributions, the children of The Fountain of Love are off to an amazing start this 2016 school year. All of our school-going children have received brand new school uniforms, shoes, school bags, et cetera. There is nothing stopping these enthusiastic and upbeat children from doing well at school again this year.

A special congratulations to Simphiwe and Portia, who both passed their matric exams. This is a magnificent achievement.

Congratulations to the other children as well, for passing their grades with great marks.



Christmas fundraiser: 2016 school uniforms

3 Dec

Dear Friends,

As most of you know, we have supported the Fountain of Love Orphanage for many years now. It is an incredible orphanage in the township of Katlehong, just outside Johannesburg, ran by Gogo Rosy. She takes care of around 35 to 40 orphaned children, runs a daycare centre for around 100 little kids up to 5 years old, and provides many more with meals through her soup kitchen, all without government support. Rosy does this based on a higher calling to do the right thing, without formal government support.

Rosy takes great pride in the fact that each of the orphans in her house goes to school, and by now, even university or another form of tertiary education. The pass rate of the children is 100%, which is absolutely exceptional, especially in the township environment.

Our request for your help relates to the continued education of the primary and high school children. Each year in January, at the start of the South African school year, Rosy needs to pay R240 for each of her 25 primary and high school children to be allowed to go to school. Each of the learners needs stationery.  In addition, most of the children need new school uniforms, especially as many of them move from primary school to high school. Raising the money to fund this is a huge task for Rosy. Until last year, she has never been able to get everything in place before the start of the school year.

Last year was different though. With the help of many of you, we were able to provide Rosy with all the funds required, so that the children did not miss a single day of school. We would love to help her again this year.

So we would like you to consider contributing to the Fountain of Love. Even the smallest amount makes a big difference for the children. At a minimum, we hope to raise sufficient money to pay for the school contribution of R240 per learner, and their stationary (R11 500 or EUR767 in total). It would be absolutely magnificent to give each learner a new summer and winter school uniform, a school bag, and lunch box as well (R28 765 or EUR1920). Please contact us to receive a detailed overview of all items required, and bank account details.

Please note that there are no overheads and every amount donated will go to The Fountain of Love in full. We take care of any bank and admin fees.

For our South African friends, the Orphanage could always use second hand goods, in particular clothes and furniture. Rosy can collect any items.

Have a wonderful Christmas,

Jason and Katelijn

New beds, mattresses, blankets, and heaters for The Fountain of Love

8 Jun

Jason dedicated his Comrades Marathon run this year to The Fountain of Love Orphanage. Although last Sunday 1 June was a very warm day, he finished this 89km race in 11 hours and 44 minutes, 16 minutes before the cut-off.


We set out to raise R10-15,000 for 3 new beds ahead of the real winter chill. Thanks to the generosity of so many, we raised R50,000, and have been able to buy 20 new beds, matrasses and blankets, and a heater for every room, including for the day care centre. Our heart-felt thanks to all who donated!



We visited the kids today and quality tested the new beds, which arrived yesterday afternoon. We are happy to report that the beds can hold the weight of Jason and the kids.



Rosy also happily reported that, since yesterday, bedtime has been shifted 30 minutes earlier in the daily routine, at the specific request of the kids.

Running Comrades for The Fountain of Love

17 May


Dear friends of The Fountain of Love

After 7 months of training, Jason will be participating in his second Comrades ultra-marathon in two weeks, on Sunday 1 June 2014. The Comrades marathon is the world’s oldest and largest ultra-marathon run over a distance of approximately 90 km (or 56.1 miles) between the capital of the Kwazulu-Natal Province of South Africa, Pietermaritzburg, and the coastal city of Durban. It is a truly South African experience, which celebrates Ubuntu, togetherness, and camaraderie.

Traditionally, many runners dedicate their run to a charity of their choice, to raise awareness and funds. Jason would like to follow this beautiful tradition, and dedicate his race to The Fountain of Love Orphanage.

2014 is a special year for Jason, as he turns 40 at the end of the year. 2014 is also a special year for The Fountain of Love, as they celebrate their 10 year anniversary. In addition, the first child from the orphanage will graduate from university this year. Last, Rosy who very capably heads up the orphanage, turns 55 on the 18th of July.

Jason and Katelijn started supporting Rosy in 2008. Since then, we have been privileged to witness many successes and improvements, many supported by your generous help. These include:

  • addition of a sanitation block with toilets, showers and a bath;
  • addition of an extra living room and bed room to the house;
  • purchase of a mini-bus to bring the kids to school safely;
  • addition of a second house, in which Rosy runs a day care centre, and where the older girls live;
  • creation of a library of books (fiction, non-fiction and school material);
  • a new roof for the second house, and paving around the second house;
  • support with school uniforms and school fees;
  • purchase of a washing machine; and
  • many donations in kind, including clothes, furniture and toys.

Katelijn visited Rosy last Monday with her mom, sister and brother-in-law, visiting from the Netherlands. As always, the kids and the orphanage looked in great shape. However, they are in desperate need of beds for the 15 younger kids ranging between 5 and 12. Their bunk beds have fallen apart, and can no longer be repaired by a welder. This means that the kids are currently sleeping on thin mattresses on the concrete floor. It would be great if we could raise funds in the order of between R10-15,000 towards the purchase of two or three bunk beds, so that the kids can be warm and comfortable.


If you are interested to support, financially or otherwise, please feel free to leave your details below or send a message directly to Jason or Katelijn. South African friends, you can also contribute any second hand goods if you would like. Rosy has a bakkie with which she can collect second hand clothes, furniture etc.



Can we get paving for Fountain of Love’s second location?

7 Sep


As you may know, Fountain of Love has opened up a second location from which a day care centre is ran. Also, the big boys sleep there. For this second location, there are two big needs. The first is paving around the house. Currently, it is unpaved, which means that it turns into a mudslide during rainy season. Secondly, the boys don’t have proper beds in the new house.

As the first rains will come by late September / early October, may we invite anyone who is keen and able, to contribute towards the paving around the house. Rosy has received quotes – it will cost around R8 000 (EUR 750).


Visit from The Netherlands

21 Feb


Today, we visited The Fountain of Love to show Hetty all the amazing work that is being achieved every day by Rosy and her team, so Hetty can report back to our friends and supporters in The Netherlands.


First, we visited the second location that Rosy opened last year. It looks absolutely stunning, with its new roof, fresh paint, and kids’ furniture and toys. From this second location, Rosy runs her day-care centre for 45 HIV/Aids infected little ones. The kids arrive at early as 5 AM, so they can get their first meal – essential to be able to take their HIV/Aids medication by 7 AM. They get all their other meals here too, and stay until 8 PM, as there is typically no one to take care of them during the day. The kids are truly beautiful – look at their pictures!


We also found our next goal to help Rosy with: The outside area is mainly unpaved, which especially in summer creates a big muddy mess. Today, we made a R4 500 donation towards blankets, heaters and other winter essentials. It would be great if by September (before the summer rains start again), we can get the money together to pave the area around Rosy’s second house.





One of the amazing volunteers of the day care centre


Then, we walked back to the Orphanage, and saw the high school kids in the area walking home


School girls


Back at the Orphanage, we said our goodbyes, as always feeling very proud of her, her kids and her community!



Thanks for our Christmas party!

8 Dec

Thanks so much to for making the Fountain of Love Christmas party a reality. Rosy and the children loved their books, puzzles, drawing materials and soccer balls. Kids were reading everywhere! Rosy now has well over 100 books in her Fountain of Love library, ranging from young adult literature to beautifully illustrated toddler picture books, and school aids like a dictionary, atlas and encyclopedia.

Rosy also proudly declared that all kids had passed their exams this year, and all moved up a grade. A 100% pass rate, not bad at all!

Colourful fence

Preparation for Christmas book party

6 Dec

Thanks to you and your generous support, we have been able to collect more than R7000 for the children.

We have also been able to buy Christmas gifts, and this year we have chosen to buy books for the children. A lot of people have also donated books (old and new) and in total we have enough to give each child an age appropriate book as well as give The Fountain of Love a significant contribution towards next year’s school uniforms.

On saturday, we will go to Ma Rosy and the children and hand out the gifts.


(we will post more photos of the event on the blog)

IMG_4511 IMG_4487



We need your help urgently!

15 Nov

The government has not been paying the child grant for the last 3 months (R4400/month). This has put the orphanage in a very tough situation and the children are suffering. As Christmas is approaching, we are in need of all the help we can get. The donations would directly go to; food, clothes, school fees and medication.

Pleas help us make this Christmas a happy memory for the children of the Fountain of Love.

Every contribution will count!